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Masters In Business Psychology

It explores how human behavior relates to organizational goals, and it offers strategies that can help you build an effective workplace. Another programme that is not to be missed is the University of Aberdeen’s MA in Business Management and Psychology. Business Management and Psychology at Aberdeen go together brilliantly, providing a rigorous examination of how we think and behave as individuals and giving a thorough grounding in business, management and organisations.

Managing human resource departments entails creating, revamping, and enforcing policies and procedures. Business Psychologists create policy that delineates the hiring process and employee job performance evaluation. A Business Psychologist is uniquely qualified to be a Human Resources Director, President of Human Resources, or Director of Employee Relations. Understanding employee motivations and company missions helps administration strategize with their most valuable assets, their employees. These roles strengthen the company by building a management foundation that understands and motivates employees, helping staff embrace the company’s mission.

The very first college in the University of California system to propose the program was UC San Diego. The latest venture could allow business-attracted students who want to pursue their ambitions. Psychology Degree 411 receives a marketing fee from companies working with colleges and universities that are presented with our “Find Schools” buttons. In addition, a sales representative can find work in almost industry from the automotive field to the medical field.

It will be helpful for students interested in industrial & organizational psychology, human resources, marketing, advertising, and consulting. The University of Guelph offers a Master of Arts and a PhD program in Industrial-Organizational (I-O) Psychology. The two programs are considered an integrated whole, so applicants should only apply if they intend to complete both degrees.

Business psychologists with a PhD may hold academic positions at colleges or universities. An excellent application of your business psychology degree is in the human resources domain. Human resource personnel tasks include employee performance evaluations, management functions , consultation services, fair hiring practices, employee relations, employee personal development, as well as behavioral and organizational assessments. Graduates from PAU will be prepared for a diverse range of careers or to continue on to graduate school. Possible careers include roles in human resources and customer service, as well as sales and marketing positions.