Picture Of Snowplow Destroying Mailbox
smashed mailbox

Why Mailbox Snowshield?

There always seems to be a problem when winter returns, the streets become snow covered and the snowplows begin removing snow, slush and ice. Often your mailbox and support post become casualties. Snowplows traveling at 20-40 miles per hour develop a strong force of projectiles against your mailbox, often resulting in damage or total destruction to your mailbox and/or its support. You may think it only happens to you, but if you really notice mailboxes driving down the road on a winter day, you will see this is a common problem.

mailbox snow guard That is exactly why we developed a protective device called the “MAILBOX SNOWSHIELD”. This low cost snow protector will significantly reduce potential damage caused by snowplows. There are a number of snow guard devices available, but they’re usually difficult to assemble and install and generally quite costly. The “MAILBOX SNOWSHIELD” provides a 24″ x 32″ high density polyethylene shield and two high strength height adjustable steel posts. It is height adjustable to 58″, providing excellent shielding for most mailboxes. Installation includes driving two posts into the ground, attaching post extensions with four bolts and attaching the shield with four bolts. This easy installation is usually completed in less than 30 minutes.

Replacing your mailbox and/or its support can be expensive and difficult. Installing A “MAILBOX SNOWSHIELD” may eliminate the need to relpace or repair your mailbox for many winters. We have made it easy to purchase on this web site and will have it delivered to your door in about 10 days. This product is produced in the USA. Don’t wait for the ground to freeze or the snow to fly. Order early and save your mailbox this winter!




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