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As of today, he is the only Indian businessman on Forbes’ list of the world’s most powerful people. A multi-talented personality, Howard Hughes was one of the richest person of his time. A business tycoon, he made big investments in films and aviation industry. Passionate about flying, he set numerous flying records, and also risked his own life in process. Howard Hughes who inherited his family business and became millionaire at the age of 18, was later on troubled with mental illness and turned recluse. Ma was the first entrepreneur from mainland China to appear on the cover of Forbes magazine.

We care about the businesses we’re creating, the work that we’re doing, and our direct impact on the collective. The State Association Advisory Council serves as a liaison between State Associations, Board of Trustees and National Staff of Business Professionals of America. The Council promotes the Mission, Vision and goals of the national organization and provides input to the BPA Board of Trustees and National Staff regarding national programs and activities affecting State Associations. Being a National Officer is the ultimate experience of Business Professionals of America membership, and local chapter members will experience greater involvement in the organization through their National Officer team. Are you interested in getting started with Business Professionals of America? Learn more about the different divisions of our organization and the costs associated to each.

These characteristics are often ignored or unappreciated by top managers. Companies mistakenly focus on capital productivity rather than employee productivity and rely on capital-oriented metrics, such as return on assets and return on equity. These aren’t much help in assessing a people business, as they tend to mask weak performance or indicate volatility where it doesn’t exist. A struggling advertising agency or software company may show what seems like a satisfactory return on assets largely because it has so few of them. Similarly, even modest capital investments or productivity improvements may cause big swings in ROA for a company whose asset base is relatively small. For example, if employee costs are five times assets—not uncommon in a people business—then it takes only a 5% increase in employee productivity or a 5% reduction in employee costs to increase profits by 25% of assets.

A major fault line runs through the business landscape—and even through individual industries and companies—separating organizations that are, to varying degrees, people intensive from those that are, again to varying degrees, capital intensive. The textbook definition of business is the providing of products, services or both to people in exchange for something from them like money. This activity has been around for centuries and has always had its big guns and the ‘smaller guy’. The earliest form of trading was done using the barter system where one person exchanged a part his product for a service or another product produced by another person. The introduction of money for the trading of goods was introduced in as far back as circa 3000 B.C.

For example, home builders will want to know about timber production and tariffs, because that will affect home building costs. Build your thought leadership through conference presentations and podcasts. Propel them further down the sales funnel with white papers and webinars.