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A major fault line runs through the business landscape—and even through individual industries and companies—separating organizations that are, to varying degrees, people intensive from those that are, again to varying degrees, capital intensive. The textbook definition of business is the providing of products, services or both to people in exchange for something from them like money. This activity has been around for centuries and has always had its big guns and the ‘smaller guy’. The earliest form of trading was done using the barter system where one person exchanged a part his product for a service or another product produced by another person. The introduction of money for the trading of goods was introduced in as far back as circa 3000 B.C.

The chairman and largest shareholder of the firm,Berkshire Hathaway, he is often called as the ‘Oracle’ or ‘Sage’ of Omaha. Notably, he has pledged to give away a sizable portion of his wealth to philanthropic causes. Sundar Pichai is the CEO of Google and its parent company Alphabet Inc. An alumnus of IIT, Stanford and Wharton, Pichai has come a long way, from innovating Google’s products such as Chrome, Google Drive and Google Apps to leading the software giant and being one of the most sought-after names in the tech industry.

For example, home builders will want to know about timber production and tariffs, because that will affect home building costs. Build your thought leadership through conference presentations and podcasts. Propel them further down the sales funnel with white papers and webinars.

The high salaries which business persons earn have often been a source of criticism from many who believe they are paid excessively. The world’s leading business figures are more prevalent, visible and accessible than ever before. Public fascination with entrepreneurship, startups and company leadership seems to have reached an all-time high, thanks to social media, Silicon Valley andShark Tank.

The BPA Torch Awards Program frames and guides an individual BPA member’s leadership and service to their chapter and community. This program recognizes outstanding, actively involved members on the local, regional, state and national levels. BPA Cares is a program coordinated at the national level that shines a light on and recognizes local chapters and members who participate in community service through BPA. With BPA Cares you can help develop your students by providing them amazing opportunities to learn through service and community involvement.