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How To Start Your Own Credit Repair Business

Customers who choose the Standard option will receive 24/7 credit monitoring, hard inquiry challenges, cease and desist letters sent, and a quarterly credit analysis. The price for this service compares well with the typical industry standards set for credit repair services. Subsequently, an Ovation Credit Services consultant files arguments on behalf of the customer. Some other services may include contesting late payments with creditors and writing goodwill letters to persuade creditors to work with the individual. By working with credit reporting bureaus, Ovation also makes sure that their clients have correct credit evaluations. The PremierPlus package by Lexington Law is the most thorough and comprehensive.

If you have the budget for it, you can hire a local web designer to build you a custom site that’s clear, professional, and engaging. And if you add a lot of unique and original text to your site or even start an informative blog, Google will reward you with more traffic. When you’re ready, submit your site to Google to be added to their listings. It would be very difficult to bring on new clients without a website. Not only are websites a great source of information for potential clients, they also add legitimacy to your business. If you need a professional website fast, visit to create a complete prewritten site in minutes with no skill required.

Once you have that down and are on the same page with your client, it’s time to highlight their pain points . You will ensure a scalable at home business with the use of applicable software at your disposal. Between communicating with your employees and customers, you need to make sure you set up and employ robust communication systems. They are the best web hosting platform and offer beautiful templates to use for your website.

Reassure and give them the information they want about the credit repair process and where they are in that process. This will enhance your credibility and increase your credit repair business well into the future. You can start your credit repair business with only a computer, a phone, and credit repair software, but eventually, you’ll outgrow your home office. A cursory Internet search for “Credit Repair Scam” will turn up thousands of results containing stories of people who were taken advantage of in the name of credit repair. Many of the scams discussed on message boards and Internet forums are not, in fact, credit repair companies.

Limits are commonly between $5,000-10,000 initially, and this type of credit can be obtained within about 4-6 months from starting to build initial business credit. “Business credit” is credit that’s linked to a business’ EIN number, not the owner’s social security number. We’ve all seen successful credit repair businesses and wondered whether they had discovered the secret to sales or if they were just supremely lucky. More often than not, their success can be attributed to having a solid marketing and sales strategy. Before you talk to your first client, you must have a clear, transparent operational system in place.