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The requirements for classifying yourself as a business psychologist vary in different states. It is essential to research the requirements in your state before enrolling in a business psychology training program. Almost all states require you to receive a license or certification before they allow you to practice psychology in any capacity within the state. To become a practicing business psychologist, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, or a doctorate in business psychology or a related field.

As the American Job Center Network’s ONet Online points out, oral and written comprehension and expression, deductive reasoning, an ability to organize and analyze data, and creative thinking are all crucial components for success in business psychology. You can graduate with your Bachelor of Science in Business Psychology in just two years with our college transfer program designed for students interested in the intersection of business and behavioral science. Palo Alto University offers this highly structured program ideal for transfer students from a community college or university program, and it is available in a hybrid online format.

The CBS International Business School, located in Cologne, offers a degree designed to ensure students’ employability. It does not only focus on learning theory but also values the application of concepts outside of the class environment. Moreover, the programme is taught in English to prepare students for the international market. It also requires students to follow business English classes and other useful courses, as well as an internship. A master’s degree may be enough to secure a job to become a business psychologist, but a Doctorate allows one to have an advantage in the industry.

For example, you might construct an employment test that seeks to identify the specific knowledge and skills of each prospective employee. Then, if a position requires excellent communication skills, you could pursue an applicant that has scored highly in that area to fill the position. At Southern New Hampshire University, we not only have more than 200 degree programs available. We also have professional admission counselors standing by to assist with placement into the program that best suits your needs and goals. We also have a vibrant alumni network, so you are supported long after you complete your studies.

Colorado State University offers an online Master of Applied Industrial/Organizational Psychology . The degree is practitioner-oriented, providing practical knowledge and skills focused on research and consulting. The MAIOP program consists of a total of 38 graduate hours and can be completed in six semesters by taking two courses each semester. Coursework is focused on quantitative research methods and includes courses such as Applied Measurement Theory; Applied Organizational Development; Competency Modeling and Criterion Development; and Succession Planning and Leadership Development. Students will be grouped into virtual consulting teams who complete a series of projects together. The GRE is required for admission, as well as a minimum 3.0 GPA in undergraduate coursework and a grade of B or higher for statistics courses.