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They also help executives lead with increased clarity, teams function with decreased friction, and organizations realize ambitious business goals (e.g., increased profits). Most importantly, they do this with an eye to ensuring there are no cracks in the foundation. Business psychologists drill down on underlying problems that might impede success down the line. Simone Hazeldine, in her book The Inner Winner, shows how you can use tactics and tricks from psychology to enhance your performance across your life. With this life and business psychology book, you can improve your ability to focus, find motivation, develop confidence, and relax. Cialdini condenses this knowledge into six principles and explains how to use them.

A thesis is optional, and most students complete the master’s program in less than two years. Many businesses look to people with a business psychology degree to create training and strategies for increasing productivity and efficiencies, and to improve employee morale. This concentration is particularly useful for managers and human resources personnel. With that in mind, some areas of focus include addressing human resource and managerial functions including hiring practices, staff management, and training and development. Professionals with an industrial-organizational psychology concentration also help shape and implement strategic plans within organizations.

Expertise in business psychology comes in handy when helping corporations improve performance and increase productivity. As a corporate consultant, the business psychologist analyzes the overall corporate body, or a department directly involved with productivity, to learn the possible problems and develop strategies for positive changes. They may be employed in the private or public domain and in minor or major businesses. Business psychologists can be in leadership roles, human resource management, workplace mentorship, associations, and training management. Business psychologists may work with different agencies in the public organizations, such as the Department of Veterans Affairs, Federal and State Jails, the Defense Department, the Department Of labor, and public school systems. This concentration prepares students for employment or graduate study in a variety of fields.

Provide direct high level services to clients, and participate in administrative decision making within the psychology department. Human factors specialists develop products that are simpler to use by utilizing their understanding of how people learn and interact with their environment. Some other responsibilities include screening, interviewing, and hiring new employees, supervising timesheets, and addressing conflict amongst co-workers or between employee and management. Our Organizational and Business Psychology Bachelor of Science degree is designed for highly motivated students who wish to pursue a career in industry or research. Connect with Appalachian’s social media accounts from university programs, departments and administrative units.

The entire program consists of 72 credit hours, including 15 in methods/statistics, 21 in the I/O core, six in psychology, 15 in electives, and 15 in a dissertation. Admission is highly competitive; in past years, only three applicants out of 90 were accepted into the program. Prospective students should have an undergraduate degree in psychology, or at least have significant coursework in the field, to be considered for admission.