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Touro College offers competitive tuition rates as well as financial aid opportunities, including work-study positions for qualified students. Depending on your specific job title, you may also be required to develop training and leadership programs that support and strengthen management skills and/or help employees utilize their talents and skills. Your main goal, when working with an organization, will be to help improve employee performance and increase the company’s revenue. In some cases, you may also help reorganize the company’s structure so that employees are assigned tasks that highlight their skills and talents. Every business needs its most important resource – its people – to work together well. But that can be a challenge when different working styles, cultural norms and personality types are in the mix.

The program maintains a student population of around 15 to 20 full-time students and typically staffs around nine primary faculty. The entire PhD program takes an average of five years to complete, with the integrated master’s program taking two years, comprehensive exams taking place during the third year, and the fourth and fifth years being devoted to an internship and dissertation work. While some students complete the program in four years, most students choose to complete it in five years so that they can be more involved in their research and applied projects. As the program is heavily research-focused, students should expect to be involved in research at all times during their five years in the program.

A good understanding of business psychology may help you convince a consumer why a product is beneficial for him/her. As a corporate consultant, you would lean on your understanding of business psychology to help corporations make positive changes that result in improved performance. For example, if productivity of employees has become an issue, you might develop a program that helps boost employee morale by learning what motivates them to succeed. This might take the form of offering employee bonuses to encourage employees to be more efficient and meet goals more quickly. At a marketing company or agency, you will help the company communicate its message more effectively. You will be responsible for analyzing the consumer’s thought processes and purchasing choices so that the company can reach more people.

You will also gain an understanding of buyer behavior and consumer decision-making by examining the fundamental issues of consumer behavior from psychological and data-analytic frameworks. Through academic, applied, and research experiences in our Organizational and Business Psychology B.S. Program, you will gain a variety of skills in data analysis, research methodology, oral and written communication, leadership adeptness, problem solving, and critical thinking. When helping businesses boost efficiency and enhance performance, experience in business psychology helps a lot. As an organizational consultant, the business psychologist analyses the company’s overall body, or a division specifically concerned with production efficiency, to gain knowledge about future challenges and create plans for effective improvements.

So, it’s necessary for workers in this field to be calm, understanding, and helpful, so as to retain customer loyalty for the long-term. All of this together can prepare you well for a successful business career, especially when paired with an online master’s in psychology, online MBAor similar graduate-level business degree. SNHU will be ready to help you explore your career options either way to ensure you maximize your credits and earn your master’s degree on the timeline that is best for you.