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A bachelor’s degree in psychology is ordinarily preferred for entrance into one of these advanced degree programs. If you have a penchant for sales, then you can use your degree in business psychology to be a sales representative. A business psychology degree will not only help you sale more products, it may also help the company gain a better perspective of what the consumer really wants and needs.

Business Psychologists apply psychological principles to influence workplace behavior. A Business Psychologist aims to help organizations and their employees achieve top performance and job satisfaction. Your skills as a business psychologist can help you function effectively in the marketing sphere.

Others choose elective courses that may not fulfill requirements for any particular program, but that best fit their interests and strengthen their skills. Participation in Chicago Field Studies can also be a good choice for students with business interests. In Business Psychology curriculum includes a mix of business, economics, and psychology courses to prepare students for a variety of professional settings. Students benefit by learning from faculty members with real-world experience in business and clinical settings and complete a senior internship to enhance their network and develop key interpersonal skills.

As an industrial counselor, you will perform the critical function of using psychological principles to help improve business performance. For example, you might design a screening tool (i.e., questionnaire or survey) that allows hiring managers to better identify workers that are the best fit for a specific position within the business or company. You might also offer counseling services to workers to assist them in dealing with work-related problems that negatively impact productivity, such as conflict-resolution strategies. From there, you may wish to pursue an MS in Psychology, which includes a master’s in organizational psychology concentration, or take aim at an MBA or similar graduate degree. A doctorate may be required for some professional fields, depending on your career interests. With a broad general education as the base of the degree, you’ll have the writing, communication, analytical and math skills you need to excel in any job, in any industry.

Degree, you start with a set of entry-level and foundational courses, making it easy to adjust your path as your interests develop. These foundational courses provide you with a well-rounded understanding of the science of the mind, brain, and behavior. The College of Arts and Sciences at Appalachian State University is home to 16 academic departments, one academic program, two centers and one residential college spanning the humanities and the social, mathematical and natural sciences. The college is dedicated to providing instruction and research essential to the university’s mission and seeks to cultivate the habits of inquiry, learning and service among all its constituents. The Department of Psychology offers four graduate degrees in clinical, school, experimental psychology, and industrial/organizational-human resources management.